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New techniques for you!

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

So, this past month I went to a couple of incredible educational events. I got to learn from some of my hair idols, and it DID NOT disappoint! I had in depth color education. I learned some of the most cutting edge techniques in lived in color. I've been dying to learn these techniques from Mane Ivy, and I was so excited to finally learn them! I think you will love the way these colors look! Along with the color classes, I have also learned 3 new extension techniques.

This past year and half has been non-stop education, class after class. And you know something? I love it! I just can't seem to get enough. I feel like it's made me level up my game with my guests, and I hope you are enjoying your experience with me as well. I want to always know the latest techniques. But also, I want to be able to provide different options that best serve each individual head. No two manes were created equal!

My first class was in Arizona, it was called SWK 2.0. The main reason for my two day trip to Arizona was to learn a new extension method. This is seriously some REVOLUTIONARY STUFF! No tape, no beads! This method is the most gentle method out there, created by a nurse practitioner. She wanted to make sure there was a method that was safe and could hold up to any hair extensions. This track is so comfortable and invisible. It is also very sturdy and will not slip!

My next class was also a 2 day training, this time in Los Angeles, for Hair Dreams plus certification in micro lines . This class was some of the most intense training I've had in a long time. I loved the challenge! This class covered extension topper pieces. There were sooo many options for so many scenarios. There are options for women that just need a little more volume or to cover up an annoying cow lick on top, to women that have severe hair loss on top of their heads. Seriously cutting edge stuff!

My last class in extensions is called Invisible bead extensions. Why did I take another weft extension class? Because I want to create the most customizable and comfortable extensions as possible, uniquely designed to fit YOU! This technique is so seamless, comfortable, and does not damage the hair. I now basically know every extension technique out there, which means all of your extension needs couldn't be in better hands.

If you would like to book one of these new techniques, or you need a maintenance appointment, send me a text today!

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