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What Everyone Should Know About Heat!

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

STOP!...Step away from your curling irons and blowdryers! I have talked a lot about products on my instagram and blog, but I don't think I've talked enough about heat and your hair. Heat is a major contributor to damage, not only to our extension hair, but also to our natural hair. Does your hair always seem dry? Well you may be burning the moisture right out of your hair! It won't matter how much moisture you are adding to your hair if you end up burning it all out.

When it comes to curling irons, flat irons, and blowdryers, consider the quality and what it can do for you. We want to receive the highest quality hair, but what quality product and tools are you using on this lavish hair? Your hair will only be as good as what you put on it, including hot tools. I love the Bio Ionic Long Barrel Styler. I have only been using this curling iron. It is a curling iron that has a bio ceramic mineral infused barrier, which offers extra protection for my natural hair and extensions. It also curls hair flawlessly and offers long lasting hold even at low temperatures. When using heat tools, remember to keep your settings at 300 or under.

Another stying tool that I love is the Dyson blow-dryer. The Dyson is a dryer unlike any other because it doesn't remove all moisture from the hair. I know this may sound strange, but unlike other dryers that can remove all moisture from your hair, even the good moisture that we desperately try to add with good products, which in the end cause the hair to become fragile, too dry and in the end break. The Dyson senses the temperature of your hair and continuously adjusts the heat setting of the dryer to maintain a safe heat level which keeps your hair from going from dry to DRIED OUT. This technology results in better defrizzed styles because your hair isn't stripped of all it's nutrients and moisture.

Hope these tips help your locks this summer. If you are interested in getting natural beaded row extensions click on the link in my website and schedule a free consultation today. For products click on the links below.

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