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Products and styling tools I love this winter season

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

With the winter months upon us, I know you guys have probably felt more dryness than usual. Personally my skin feels dryer and my hair feels a little dryer than usual. Ive stumbled upon a few products I'm currently obsessed with and I have my go to hot tools that always keep my hair feeling great.

Ok so lets start with a good shampoo and conditioner. Since the weather has changed and its cold out, this can dry out our skin and hair. So similar to our skin needing moisture, our hair needs the same thing. Start by always using sulfate free paraben free products. I always tend to go for moisture rich products rather than products full of protein, which can be damaging if not needed. For all my clients that are currently using extensions moisture is key! I love using Kevin Murphy hydrate shampoo and conditioner and lastly the B3 shampoo and conditioner has been great.

Ok so you just washed your hair with some awesome moisture rich products, now your done and ready to dry right? No! Always, always add a detangled spray or some type of a spray leave in conditioner after you wash. It adds that extra level of moisture plus it protects against heat styling. My new favorite product is Dream coat from WOW. It protects against heat and makes the hair silky smooth and gives a high shine gloss. Using a product like this helps hair from becoming overly dried out and protects your style against humidity and static. After you wash just spray on a generous amount on your hair, brush, and then blow-dry. This product is heat activated so you can leave it wet you must blow-dry the hair and then you can use a hot tool like a curling iron or nothing at all. You will absolutely love the way your hair feels after using this product.

When Im not using dream coat I typically use 7seconds leave in conditioner and Unite oil. Next after you blow-dry these products in is curling the hair if you choose to. Ill be doing a video and blog talking all about curling soon! I personally love using the bio-ionic extra long barrel in 1.25 inch size. It takes a little getting use to because of the long barrel but if you have extensions its definitely the way to go. You can get so much of the hair on this barrel, it can save you so much time. If you have short hair you don't need this long barrel but bio-ionic does have their classic size as well.

So if you have gotten anything from this blog post, its to use moisture, moisture, moisture. If you would like to make and appointment or learn more about natural beaded row extensions click the link on my website. Happy Holidays everyone!

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