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Who am I?

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

So if you don't know me personally and have just recently found me, you might be wondering who is this girl? Well my name is Maka which is short for Makarena. Yes it's true, and yes I have heard the song. Please don't sing it for me lol. I've been in the hair industry for the past 20 years and I've been in the extension game for the past 15 years.

Lets rewind a little though and go talk about how I even ended up in this crazy business of hair. I actually ended up going to beauty school during my last year of high school. I didn't always know know this business would end up being my career let alone my passion, but lucky for me it was. When I was in my senior year of high school all I could think about is how I could get out of it! One of my friends told me she was doing beauty school through one of the programs at the school and that she had to leave school early. That's all I needed to hear, sign me up! Immediately I enjoyed it, but never did I think I could make a career of it. So I told myself I would work as a hairstylist while I finished college. YA RIGHT. As soon as I started working in a salon environment that was it for me. Everything about it excited me. This was such cool environment to be in. Between all the hairdressers exchanging creative ideas to them actually executing amazing work and having such pride in their craft was amazing to me. Lets not even start on the education events because these "education" events were like being at at concert! I was sold. I wanted in forever. This was the foundation that started my career and took me on a path to want to be the best at what I did. This took me on a journey to constantly learn the latest and greatest in all things related to hair. I don't believe in mediocrity or staying stagnant and complacent. I want to constantly be challenged and learn. Over the years I've done lots of color and cut classes and even traveled to many states just to learn the very best from the very best. For a while I even started working for a hair company and began educating for them. Then I found a new game, the game of extensions. I was filled with intrigue and quickly found myself taking every extension class there was out there. Once I started doing extensions I quickly fell in love with being able to achieve true transformations. Theres no better feeling than to see the reactions of clients that have their hair transformed. It truly makes me love going to work. Ive done keratin tip, shrinkies, micro beads, and tape extension. For many years I kept learning and honing this craft to the point that I felt my skill level and technique made me above average. I pride myself on always keeping the integrity of the hair at the forefront and always delivering gorgeous results but there was still something missing. I wanted to find something better. What did I find? Natural Beaded Row Extensions, and it blew my mind. Once I took this class I knew I had found a better method and all I had to do is master it. NBR has far surpassed any other kind of training I have ever done. I get to do weekly trainings and get direct feedback from the creator herself! I also do in person trainings which seem like huge concerts, to be perfectly honest I often feel like a nerdy fan girl at these events because I admire the artist that are training us so much lol.

I absolutely love it! This is by far the best extension method on the market. NO tape, NO glue, minimal points of contact, and a seamless blend. Natural Beaded Row Extensions, NBR in short are my current favorite extensions for myself and my clients hands down. Well that is where I started and I won't say that this is where it ends, because I really do feel like this a whole new beginning for me.

If you want to know more about me, or you want to begin your transformation click on the link on my website

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