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Why I choose NBR extensions

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

So as most of you know I've been doing hair extensions for many years. Ive always liked the transformations but there was something else about them that drew me in, healthy looking hair. My approach to hair is simple, maintain the integrity of the hair at all costs. Since I have been doing hair for so long I've learned over the years that you can't save people who don't want to be saved and you can't please everyone. Now that statement is very broad and true in all aspects of life but in this case Im talking about color. If you have been putting black hair color on yourself for years and then show up at the salon and beg me to make you bleach blonde like Marylin Monroe, the answer will be a NO. But once I found that I can create so many beautiful colors with extensions at no risk to the clients hair I was sold, Done. Once I realized I could do this I was obsessed with extensions and I wanted to know every method and master them all! I am currently certified to do just about every method of extensions you can think of but earlier this year I went to a special class for Natural Beaded Row Extensions, NBR for short, and I knew I met my perfect match. I love everything there is about them, weightless, seamless, no glue, no heat, minimal points of contact! Whats there not to love? I choose NBR for myself and my clients for all these reasons but personally I wear them so I can vouch for them and how easy they make my life. These are honestly the first type of extensions that I can actually tolerate in my head. Ive tried wearing extensions in the past but they honestly drove me crazy. I actually have a decent amount of hair and it for the most part grows, slower now that I'm older. Since my hair is thicker I need a lot of hair added to my own so as to not have a mullet or for it to not look like I have extensions. Lets face it if you can see someone has extensions it has not been done well. Anyways with other methods I had to add a million individual extensions just to get a decent blend and it was the most annoying feeling ever! The first time I wore NBR it was a feeling of pure joy. They looked amazing and most importantly they felt so comfortable and light. The reason that these extensions feel so light is because I only use hand tied hair extensions the seam is literally hand tied as opposed to being machine made which makes the seam much bigger. Hand tied hair is so flat and light you can hardly tell you are even wearing extensions. By having my very own experience with NBR I can confidently tell my clients that NBR is the best choice for them.

If you are ready to experience NBR extensions for yourself please click on the link in my website to schedule a consultation!

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