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Why is Organic Hair Color Better?

I've been doing hair for over twenty years now, and have been in constant search of hair color product that would be healthier for both myself and the client to use. I've tried a few over the years, but the results were definitely lacking. Fast forward to this year, when I discovered Kevin Murphy products and color line. I was blown away by the results and by the way the hair felt after the color was finished!

There are many reasons why I decided to move my business and clients into an all organic concept. One of the main reasons was skin irritations. I started noticing more and more of my clients having scalp irritations after color services, which we would usually chalk up to them just having sensitive skin. I had some tricks up my sleeve for helping with the "burn" that some of my clients experienced when doing their color. The most common: Sweet and low. Yes, sweet and low, as in the artificial sweetener. Don't ask me how or why, but it relieves the scalp irritations that color services can sometimes cause. It seemed to be something we'd just have to come to terms with. This was just accepted as normal for the more "sensitive" clients. We just had to deal with it until something better came along.

Within the past couple of years I noticed that I've started becoming sensitive to color as well. If I happened to get color on my arms I would develop a minor rash. I also started becoming more sensitive to certain chemical service smells. It wasn't just a little sensitivity it started becoming more of a nauseous and light headed feeling. At first, I thought, no big deal its just that time in my career that I'm becoming sensitive. I've heard about this so many times before in my career and I was just going to have to deal with it. Do I really have to deal with it though?

This year I started to become more proactive with my overall health, starting with my diet. Yes, I jumped on the Keto bandwagon...and I loved it! Next I decided to do my research and check out the organic route with color. I took some Kevin Murphy color education classes and my mind was blown! Did you know that most color lines are ammonia based and contain PPD? Do you even know what those ingredients do? I didn't. Ammonia swells the cuticle so color can penetrate, which causes some damage to the hair. PPD is an ingredient added to all colors which are not considered to be blonde. The ingridient helps color have longevity but beyond that its literally just an irritant and an allergen. There are a lot of studies that can also link it to being a carcinogen, but just the fact that it's an allergen blew my mind. My clients are probably not sensitive! I was literally putting on an allergen...a skin irritant! It was all making so much more sense now.

After educating myself on the subject and testing out the organic color line I said, why not? It helps soften and add shine to the hair. It doesn't irritate the skin and it actually works. Its a win-win scenario for everyone.

Kevin Murphy is basically skincare for your hair. It is naturally sulphate-free, Paraben-free and cruelty-free. They have 80 honey based shades, which are high performance. it is ammonia and PPD free, made from naturally derived ingredients, naturally moisturizes, rejuvenates and imparts incredible shine. It is also PETA approved and it has 100% recyclable outer packaging.

So with all of that being said, I hope that you will all fall in love with this color and the benefits it can provide. If you haven't experienced organic color yet, I can't wait to see you in my chair for you to experience the difference for yourself.

If you haven't booked an appointment with me yet for color or extensions yet please contact me on my website, or text me at 818-720-0767

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