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Winter Color Trend

So just as the every season brings us different weather, it also brings us different hair colors. How many of you change your color when a new season comes around? Summer brings blondes and winter brings brunettes, right? Is this a must, no absolutely not, but it sure is fun. So is this still the trend this winter? Yes, social media is in a dark frenzy! Names like vanilla Latte, Caramel macchiato, brownie swirl, chestnut are all the buzz. But have you heard the latest name? Bronde. What is Bronde? Well its a bit of a non committal color, a shade somewhere between a brunette and a blonde. To be honest blonde has been a thing all year. Its a beautiful tone with shades of blonde highlights and brown tones. This winter though everyone is doing a cool tone bronde. So what is cool tone and what is warm tone. Well basically we as colorists formulate based on the color wheel. On one side you have all your shades that make colors "cool" blue, green, and violet. This does not mean we are going to make you the literal color blue but every color needs to have a backdrop to it. For example, lets say you tell your stylist you want your hair red. Ok no problem but now that we have decided on the color, what do you want to see reflect when the light hits your hair? When you say red to you want a cool red which means there is a violet base to the red or do you want a red that has warmth throughout which means it has a backdrop of orange? This is only one example there are dozens of combos that can be created with the color wheel to create a unique blend just for you. So what does this cool bronde look like and most importantly are you going to join this new trend? I know I am!

If you are ready to change to a bronde

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